Vancouver used to have a much stronger Stained Glass presence in the past. With the rapid expansion of new housing developments in the suburbs like Surrey or Langley, Stained Glass windows or doors are seldom considered or implemented.
If there is decorative glass at all, then only overseas replicas that are inexpensive and offer the homeowner a feeling that they are getting a little bit more value.

We feel that any decorative glass should be chosen by the customer because it is what they personally like.  It could be a glimpse into their history perhaps.
We hope for the return of the courage to be unique when it comes to picking custom glass windows and doors. 



08/13/2016 1:33pm

If you are a real do-it-yourselfer doing a garage door opener installation shouldn't be too difficult. Though there are some garage door repairs that are best left to professionals.


Mostly people have the different talent for doing the different type of work. I love the glass paper design and mostly children are learn this course for the special training center.

02/05/2017 5:10am

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